On Jan 26, 2008 10:38 AM, Michael Reichenbach <michael_reichenbach@freenet.de> wrote:
Christopher D. Clausen wrote:
 > Running coLinux is certinaly not as safe and easy as running a piece of
> Java code in a VM.

Never thought that this could become the biggest problem. If so, why
this project exists then? Just for fun and to show that it`s possible?
Sure not, what?

Search for applications of virtualisation... or you can also refer to the paper by Dan Aloni in the Linux Symposium 2004, in order to get an understanding of where it can be used

> Also be aware of security implications of doing such things.  Java is
> somewhat sandboxed, coLinux is not.  CoLinux can crash your computer.

Is this a big problem? No workarround?

Well .. colinux runs on ring 0 with the host OS. Personally, I doubt there can be any workarounds (unless ring 1 or ring 3 virtualisation is used.. which defeats the purpose of colinux). Hardware support may help. something like Intel-VT.

 > Why would one just not use a Windows version of apt to install native
> Windows software?


> For instance: http://www.acm.uiuc.edu/projects/Wipt/
There is no big package archive like the one from debian. And realistic,
I doub`t there will ever be one. So this program may be nice but it
lacks contributers.

> Again, why not just port these things to run on Windows?

Porting is sometimes complicated. Ok, if you use platform portable libs
then it`s much more easy. But often the program was native for one
platform only, then users started asking for a port. If it`s using linux
specific libs or posix api or specific things like /proc/cpuinfo which
windows does not provide then porting is not so easy.

Another reason is that there are tons of programs. Why "10.000" people
start porting all those apps if just 1 project could allow to run all
linux native programs also on windows because of this "trick"? 

Well... what you suggest is very close to what current virtualisation solutions provide, including colinux. You can run applications on linux as a guest, communicate with the host apps.
how would linux runtime environment differ??

> And windows has a packaging technology that uses MSI files.  Just
> download an MSI and install.  Why mess with a non-native system for
> software installs?  It is complicated and will certainly always be more
> dificult than just using native software.

I see you are not that convicted of my idea. :) No offense at all.

May I ask why you are interested in this project?

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