Hi Henry,

The following was the problem. I found this post, did the fix and it worked.


Thank you for the support and for coLinux.


On Sun, Mar 7, 2010 at 7:41 PM, Henry Nestler <henry.ne@arcor.de> wrote:
Hello Nambi,

Nambi J U wrote:
I downloaded the latest release 0.7.6 and upgraded from previous version 0.7.5, now for some reason the TAP Win32 does not install and gives and error every time I try to install, so I am not able to use coLinux.

In normal case you not need update the driver. But the installer can't check your installed version and will all times call "tapcontrol.exe update OemWin2k.inf TAP0801co". That should popup a "Driver Sign check" from Microsoft [1]. If you not have seen this popup or if you have not allowed the install, then you can get a non or wrong installed driver. Of curse, the driver should not in use while update is in process.

The install log from colinux installer (coLinux-0.7.6.exe) would be interesting for me. There was a button "show details" on install process to see the logs from installer.

To re-install on your machine, use the command prompt please:
	cd C:\coLinux\netdriver
	tapcontrol.exe remove TAP0801co
	tapcontrol.exe install OemWin2k.inf TAP0801co

More about command line and TAP-Win32 driver you will find in Wiki:

[1] http://www.henrynestler.com/colinux/screenshoots/tap32-win-logo-testing.png
Henry N.