Hi Henry,

I downloaded the latest release 0.7.6 and upgraded from previous version 0.7.5, now for some reason the TAP Win32 does not install and gives and error every time I try to install, so I am not able to use coLinux.

Please help, please let me know if you require more information.

Thank you,


On Sun, Mar 7, 2010 at 5:51 AM, Henry Nestler <henry.ne@arcor.de> wrote:
 Cooperative Linux version 0.7.6 was released now.

Release: 0.7.6
Build date: February 5 2010
Release date: March 6 2010

This is a bugfix release.
Please check the project file release and wiki for information, updates
and progress.

News: http://www.colinux.org/?section=status
Wiki: http://colinux.wikia.com
Snapshots: http://www.colinux.org/snapshots


* Bug #2895531: "mkfs.ext3 freezes on scsi disks" fixed by limit number
  of entries in scsi queue from 73 to 32, and changed type from Critical-
  into DelayedWorkQueue.
* Bug #2890857: Fixed panic "COSCSI: response: use_sg (2) > 1".
  Walking thought scsi scatterlist with more as 1 segment now.
* Bug #2893343: VMALLOC_END was overlapping coLinux shared host memory.
  If user used mem=1000, then this crashed Linux kernel or the host.
  Maximal guest memory limit is 984 MB, host driver will adjust it now.
* Bug #2911886: Move file to subdirecory was blocked under cofs.
* Bugfix pci device list. conet0 was missing in bootlog sometimes.

* FLTK: Fix buffer overflow for option cocon=x*y with x > 256 columns.

Henry N.

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