Well, if I type "apt-get install gnome" it presents a list of packages that it will want to install (if you confirm).  Among these, I see things like "xfree86-common" and "xlibs".  I dont know exactly what all you need.  I DO know that if I do "apt-get install gnome" and accept all of the packages, and then "apt-get install vncserver", it gets everything I need to connect and run gnome over vnc.  I have also been able to use xming to run gnome sessions.

NOTE:  I don't think that there is enough room left on the 1GB disk image at http://dahlweb.net/index.php?page=cobuntu to install all of the packages that ubuntu wants to install for gnome (like 200MB of downloads, 633MB expanded).  However, doing "apt-get install xfce4" only uses 98MB of space.  And since it is a bit cleaner than gnome, it seems to run a little quicker over the slirp connection.  In any event, I suppose I should make a 4GB disk image available.  Maybe I would include the gnome packages with this by default.  Lets see how the weekend goes. ;-)


On 5/26/06, n schembr <nschembr@yahoo.com> wrote:
Will apt-get install gnome install an X server?  I
know colinux will not run X native, but I was unable
to use apt-get to install X base sub system.

Did you have any better luck?

--- Chris Dahl < nuverde2@gmail.com> wrote:

> I put together a minimal Ubuntu image that is
> configured with slirp for
> networking.  I think my page might make it easy to
> get started.
> http://dahlweb.net/index.php?page=cobuntu
> Right now, it doesn't include gnome or vnc or
> anything, but those are easy
> to add with "apt-get install gnome" and "apt-get
> install vncserver"
> --Chris
> On 5/22/06, Yudho Dirgantara
> <supportdps@skill.co.id> wrote:
> >
> >  hi my name is Yudho
> > wel i'm tying to use colinux in my PC, i already
> read all the instructure
> > from the book and from the website.
> > it's seem that a can't figured the easy way from
> installing the
> > colinux.exe (i used colinux 0.6.2 and 0.6.3 ),
> konfigured the network (i
> > used 1 nic, with proxyserver for access to
> internet), until the colinux is
> > realy work or run in my PC...:((
> > can u tell me the easy way to get thrugh it???
> > i realy want to learn the linux specialy this one
> (colinux)
> >
> > thats all from me
> >
> >
> > best regard
> > yudho dirgantara
> >
> --
> http://www.dahlweb.net

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