I put together a minimal Ubuntu image that is configured with slirp for networking.  I think my page might make it easy to get started.
Right now, it doesn't include gnome or vnc or anything, but those are easy to add with "apt-get install gnome" and "apt-get install vncserver"

On 5/22/06, Yudho Dirgantara <supportdps@skill.co.id> wrote:
hi my name is Yudho
wel i'm tying to use colinux in my PC, i already read all the instructure from the book and from the website.
it's seem that a can't figured the easy way from installing the colinux.exe (i used colinux 0.6.2 and 0.6.3), konfigured the network (i used 1 nic, with proxyserver for access to internet), until the colinux is realy work or run in my PC...:((
can u tell me the easy way to get thrugh it???
i realy want to learn the linux specialy this one (colinux)
thats all from me
best regard
yudho dirgantara