I try to build the cd with colinux (with guest : live debian[1]).
I get the ideal while I read article[2].
  step#1:  now , I can auto-run colinux with guest live debian.
all in one folder(codebian) in windows

   step#2 :and , I copy all the file of codebian directory into usb driver
also it works.

   step#3 :  but while I try to build the ISO with the files in codebian directory
the coliux runs OK, and the initrd also run , but failed while try to mount the cobd0 (live-debian.iso)
after some investigation, I find the live-debian.iso readonly attribute cause it failed.

I have verified this with step1a :
I set the live-debian.iso readonly in the codebian directory in windows.
the colinux/initrd failed while mount the cobd0(live-debian.iso)

    I'not sure where is the problem :
a)problem in live-debian 's initrd image
I try to mount the cobd0 with readonly option while the colinux failback to mini shell with busybox
mount -r /dev/cobd0 /mnt
but the mount is OK after I set the live-debian.iso to read-write in codebian directory in step#1a

b)problem  in colinux / windows access right conflict.

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Wufu Chen
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