feature requirement :
Would you implement the delay function in configuration : exec0 , exec1?

I try to auto lauch the xming (with xdmcp support) .
the ximg should be launched after the colinux guest start up (e.g gdm executed)

exec0="Xming\Xlaunch -run xming\config.xdmcp"
exec1="sound\esd","-tcp -public"

==> new feature

exec0="Xming\Xlaunch -run xming\config.xdmcp"  -d 30
; -d 30 : means delay 30 seconds

currently , the workaround is :
I have to write a litter batch file
with vbs script to delay

colinux-daemon  @configuration.cfg

rem  delay about 60 seconds
start /w delay.vbs 60

rem xming launch supported xdmcp
Xming\Xlaunch -run xming\config.xdmcp 


Wufu Chen