I have used vmware to run colinux in it before. It works perfectly. if a crash trashes your vm, restore the vm image and you are good to go.

On 7/24/06, Henry Nestler <Henry.Ne@arcor.de > wrote:
Anders Eriksson C (KI/EAB) wrote:
> Hi all,
> Working with Henry, I've taken a stab at moving the
> kernel forward in a step-by-step manner and made some
> progress. If we could get some more devel attention
> to this effort, the chances of actually getting to
> -current in a timely manner would grow significantly.
> So, the more eyeballs the better!
> There are patches for 2.6.{13,14,15} at
> http://www.henrynestler.com/colinux/patches/devel/
> Status:
> 2.6.13
> Used for a couple of weeks with no issues.
> 2.6.14
> Completed yesterday, and just BSODed on me with
> a PAGE FAULT IN UNPAGED AREA message during an rsync run.
> 2.6.15
> Completed today, but my gentoo userland doesn't
> populate /dev/* at all with this kernel so the
> boot process hangs at fsck /

Here are coLinux binaries with your patches as devel-2.6.{13,14,15}-hn :

The kernel configuration in this binaries was optimized for speed
building.  More modules we would enable after the kernel is usable.

These builds are very fresh and not good tested.
If you try thes binaries, please save all your work before.  Im preffer
shutdown and restart your windows, before you start new coLinux kernel.
  This clears all the windows disk caches, and minimized risk for losing
datas form last opened files.

Many thanks to Anders.

Henry Nestler

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