So, during last week I started to get a feel of the colinux source and build process, and went on to try a 64-bit build. Results so far:

0. Build process is pretty smooth and devel branch is pretty clean (maybe an indicator of less development happening....:-)). Building and running 32-bit colinux on 32-bit linux was smooth (with some help from Henry).

1. Windows x64 build won't be happening till gcc and binutils come up with 64-bit support for windows. If this was possible, the first and easiest thing on my agenda was to try a 32-bit linux booting into x64. So far, I haven't seen any progress regarding 64-bit binutils/gcc for mingw. If you know better, please let me know.

2. So, moving on to colinux on linux 64-bit port. Most merges to the x86-64 arch were manual. Many went thru fine but some assembly code (which happily fails to compile), startup functions and few kernel/mm files need to be re-written. Now, if I was Dan Aloni, I would probably take only 2 days for all that. But, since I am not, I will ask here: Has anybody here tried a 64-bit port of colinux kernel code? How far did you go? If someone has any info or code changes, I would like to have a look.

If nothing, I plan to do it myself in next couple of weeks, or maybe more. I have only a couple of hours a day for this and no prior experience with kernel/mm, so lets see how far do I go.