It would most likely not be possible to do so directly from coLinux. The reason for this is such: the coLinux kernel does not have the drivers required to directly access the hardware controlled by Windows. You can load the PCMCIA device through Windows, then *share* it out to coLinux, but I have a feeling this isn't what you're looknig for. (For example, if its a PCMCIA driven disk-based device, mount the device in Windows as H: or something, then Samba or cofs share H: drive over to coLinux.)
On 1/29/06, Roman-Helmut <> wrote:
Hi there,

does anyone know if it is possible to access a PCMCIA device (CompactFlashCard
in Notebook)?

I have no idea how the correspondig entry has to be in the file colinux.xml.

I' ve been searching around for additional information. As fas as I know
there are two possiblities:

1. ... block_device index="n" path="\DosDevices\...

2. ... block_device index="n" path=\Device\...

If I boot the notebook (Dell Latitude D600) with knoppix, the PCMCIA
device/slot is recognized as /dev/hde1, /dev/hde2 and so on (depends on
count of partitions on the CF-Card).

Thanks in advance and kind regards


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