I get this error if I upgrade the stable distribution of the debian partition image from the colinux website directly to testing. What you need to do first is this: do an apt-get update/apt-get dist-upgrade against stable first ( I.E. do it as soon as you put the stock image into place). THEN you can change the /etc/apt/sources.list to testing/unstable and upgrade to it. For some reason, upgrading to testing first without upgrading stable creates a weird situation with the upgrading of e2fsprogs. My solution usually fixes it though.

On 1/28/06, Holger Krull <holger.krull@gmx.de> wrote:
Demetris Zavorotnichenko schrieb:
> When i try to run apt-get upgrade or installthere is an error :
> E: This installation run will require temporarily removing the essential
> package e2fsprogs due to a Conflicts/Pre-Depends loop. This is often
> bad, but if you really want to do it, activate the APT::Force-LoopBreak
> option. E: Internal Error, Could not early remove e2fsprogs
> i am new to colinux so this is my fresh installation on Mindows XP
> Please help me out here

What did you do last?
Which version of debian is installed?
This is not a colinux specific problem, so maybe you should ask in a debian list. The mentioned ocurrences are by mixing version and uncompleted upgrades.

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