I have a feeling that the native bridging make things really confusing. WHen you native bridge an adapter, you literally have to ignore what the native adapter line in the Network Properties control panel says. Once you start up coLinux, check your bridged adapter in the properties sheet, and you should see "connected". Any network adapter in that bridge will *always* say unplugged, even if its not.
The only way I know to connect to coLinux without networking is through the console and through the serial terminal ports, but the latter is not functional yet.
On 11/22/05, Brendan Simon <Brendan@brendansimon.com> wrote:
I have WinXP and coLinux (latest devel snapshot).

1. I can't get my Linux to connect to my TAP driver.  The TAP driver
says cable unplugged, but the colinux console says it attached OK.  BTW,
I'm using WinXP native bridging.  Any ideas???

2. Can I connect to coLinux without an Ethernet connection.  i.e.
without an Ethernet Carrier Detect.  eg. In a plane with no networking.
If so, how?


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