Try using the slirp specification without enclosing quotes.. in your example:
It migh tnot understand the escaping of the other ""'s in the line when you put surrounding ""'s around it.
On 9/23/05, Damien Boussiť <> wrote:
    I am under windows and I am trying to access the colinux box launch on it with Slirp method. (I use the Slirp with same reason as Ian Bonnycastle, the colinux is version pre13)
After reading WiKi and some posts I've got a command line like :
C:\coLinux>colinux-daemon.exe kernel=vmlinux initrd=initrd.gz mem=64 cobd0=\DosDevices\c:\coLinux\Debian-3.1InWork.1gb eth0="slirp,\"\",tcp:22:22/tcp:80:80" root=/dev/cobd0
    It starts well, has the network (with DHCP), and can reach all the word.
But the port forward doesn't seem to work.
When I do (on the windows box) a :
telnet localhost 22 or telnet *myip* 22 I've got no answer
The sshd soft is launch on colinux.
    I think I forget a small thing but I cannot see what.
    Can anyone help me please ?
Damien Boussiť
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