Whew.. and I thought I was going crazy. Thanks, Henry!


On 9/14/05, Henry Nestler <Henry.Ne@arcor.de> wrote:
Ian Bonnycastle wrote:
> Hey all,
> I just tried the newest monotone build off the devel tree, and when I
> try to start bridged networking using winpcap, I.E. in the form:
>      eth0=pcap-bridge,"Local Area Connection"
> I get the error:
>      conet-bridged-daemon: coLinux instance not specificed
> on boot (it took a long time to find). When I try a later build, or
> builds based on nuno's changes, everything works fine.

It's bug from my changes on command line arguments. This is the patch:

The patch is waiting for commit.

Here is a version with working winpcap:

Henry Nestler