Added it to "Other Distros", but since I am a stupid wiki newbee, I can't figure out how to make it look like the other entries &>)
Btw, andLinux is already mentioned on "TypicalUser", but no link is there.
Tried to contact Dave Solomon two days ago but no reply yet.

Chris wrote on 2007.03.12 22:54:47:

> wrote:
> >
> > That's ok. I have found andLinux and was saved from moving Ubuntu under
> > coLinux myself :>)
> >
> > Let me take the opportunity to thank Henry Nestler and all the other
> > guys involved with coLinux for all their great work, being able to run
> > Linux in parallel to the (company-enforced) XP is a real life saver. And
> > now I also want to thank David Solomon!
> >
> > I think you should mention the existence of on the coLinux
> > website, because I think having a no-brains Ubuntu coLinux will appeal
> > to a much wider, not-quite as technically inclined audience than the one
> > who is comfortable with downloading just base images and customizing
> > them in order to make them do what they want.
> Please add it to
> I know andLinux. Was good working out of the "box", last last year have
> checked a beta of the archive.  David has a tricky automatic TAP
> configuration, I remembered.
> --
> Henry