That's ok. I have found andLinux and was saved from moving Ubuntu under coLinux myself :>)

Let me take the opportunity to thank Henry Nestler and all the other guys involved with coLinux for all their great work, being able to run Linux in parallel to the (company-enforced) XP is a real life saver. And now I also want to thank David Solomon!

I think you should mention the existence of on the coLinux website, because I think having a no-brains Ubuntu coLinux will appeal to a much wider, not-quite as technically inclined audience than the one who is comfortable with downloading just base images and customizing them in order to make them do what they want.
Anyway, keep up the good work!

Chris wrote:
> Does anyone know what happened to the coLinux installer Colonist?
> Did the author fall off the face of this planet or just plain give up?

Sorry.. The author if that project, disapproved of some of our rulings
of patches/kernel modules to include in coLinux's source and so we have
no contact with that project or author.  Haven't heard from him since then.


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