David, Krull,

Thanks for the feedback! Here's what I tried:
1. no firewall in the way; I turned it off on both adapters involved.
2. I added the public DNS listed below to the /etc/resolv.conf in case something was cheesy with my ISP's dns servers but it didn't work
3. I have troubles debugging form within colinux because the base debian image is lacking basic tools such as dig / tcpdump :/ that's why I turned to ethereal on the xp box to try to figure out what's going on

I'm not familiar with the xp side networking, once the firewall is off is there a possibility of having another filter blocking UDP from the TAP adapter to the colinux host?

any other suggestions?


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David Kaufman schrieb:

>> on the colinux front, the following work:
>> - ping colinux --> xp
>> - ping colinux --> external IP works fine
>> - ping colinux --> external host name doesn't resolve DNS
> if you can ping a remote host by its IP address but not by name, maybe
> the problem is with your isp's dns server.

Another possibility is that a firewall on the windows PC blocks udp pakets.
You can test this by using dig +tcp hostname.some.thing

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