I've been toying with the following for a couple of days now without much success.
Here's the config:
- colinux 2.6.11-co-0.6.3
- Debian-3.0r2.ext3-mit-backports.1gb image
- xp pro  version 2002 sp2 host

The networking is done through a TAP-win32 adapter v8 which gets a shared internet connection from a wireless lan Dell Wireless 1450 Dual Band WLAN Mini-PCI Card.

The Tap adapter configuration is:
- ip =
- subnet mask =
- default gateway =
- no DNS specified was specified, I added the 2 ones used by my isp

on the colinux side:
- eth0 is
- broadcast
- mask
- /etc/resolv.conf containts a nameserver line with the IP of my isp dns
- /etc/host.conf is untouched:
order hosts,bind
multi on

Everything on the xp command line works including:
- ping xp --> colinux

on the colinux front, the following work:
- ping colinux --> xp
- ping colinux --> external IP works fine
- ping colinux --> external host name doesn't resolve DNS

I used ethereal to listen to the TAP adapter hoping to see some DNS requests passing by while doing a ping somehost on the colinux but nothing shows up beside ARP requests from colinux to the TAP adapter.

I'm running out of ideas at this point...
how can I put this...
help!!!! :)