Are you saying that:

- You have a computer

- The computer will have multiple partitions

  - One with Windows

  - One with CentOS

- You want to boot to Windows

- You want to run the installed CentOS from Windows via coLinux




If so, I do believe you can accomplish this by providing the partition to coLinux.


  "C:\Program Files\coLinux\colinux-daemon.exe" kernel=vmlinux cobd0=\\.\Volume{…} root=/dev/cobd0


where in 'Volume{…}', you replace it with the _non-mounted_ (“no mount points”) entry that is reported by MOUNTVOL.EXE, assuming that the CentOS partition is formatted with a filesystem that Windows will not mount.  Don’t provide a _mounted_ partition to coLinux, since then you’d have two Operating Systems trying to use the same filesystem simultaneously (kaboom)!


I haven’t tested this suggestion.


- Shao Miller

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Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2011 19:17
Subject: [coLinux-users] boot real partition



i meen

i plan to install centos on my harddisk too

possible to use colinux to boot it?

i meen centos use lvm