From what I've seen in the lists the core problem is not colinux.  It seems to support 64 bit no problem.  The problem is the network drivers.   Some have reported success, but I've yet to see 64 bit actually listed as supported, so they might have been using self compiled drivers...

On Sun, Nov 24, 2013 at 3:18 PM, Ryan Hall <> wrote:
ALL i want to know... is what is the progress on the 64-bit port of CoLinux, please?
Am I stuck with running only the 32-bit version? that really sucks! :(

The oDesk site is closed down (they cancelled the 64 bit port project).
And nobody seems to have a solid idea how to get past the pthreads limitation without using a virtualized environment or emulator? :(

I would have figured there would be more progress on this since 2006 already but what is causing everyone to drag their feet???

There are many apps that I need to use that are found ONLY in Linux / GNU world, and NOT in Windows world (this should be a VICTORY for the GPL / FOSS universe and fan / user base, but apparently it is not quite fully realized yet!)



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