I will see what I can do/get done with the time that I might have. I'm afraid I don't really have a 64bit machine so I can code on that feature but will have to rely on others for testing... I would like to make a 'side effect' or additional feature to some how bring the colinux kernel changes to newer versions as that seems to be frequently requested and has made using colinux with newer distros diffucult

On Apr 11, 2014 5:02 PM, "George P Boutwell" <george.boutwell@gmail.com> wrote:
 Really appears dead around here.  Virtually no messages, the IRC
channel didn't respond to posts for like 2-3 hours...

 Is anyone even still using CoLinux or has everyone moved on to QEMU,
Xen, VirtualBox & VMWare?

 IF (and it's a big if) I had time to develop some on this project in
the next few weeks, what would be the biggest needs/features that would
give the project new life and meaning?  I'd prefer responses only from
users who are actually still using coLinux.