I'm trying to start with coLinux. What things I must count for start?
        How to setting coLinux? Any information is good.
Javier O. Chércoles
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Subject: Re: [coLinux-users] Is there a way to set the tile of the console?

ColdShine wrote:
> Henry Nestler wrote:
>> Frank Church wrote:
>>> Is there a way to set the title of the console in the colinux.conf
>>> file i the command options.
>> no, you can't. The title line will be update from console depends on the
>> current state (attached or detached).
> I'd like that to be implemented, too. I think it could be set using a
> special sequence for PS1, like you do in Xterm. I think
> colinux-console already has a parser for the escape sequences, right?

coLinux use the kernel "struct consw" in same way all other video
drivers used it (frame less graphic cards). There is no option for
title, as I known. Xterm uses other ways and more subfunctions.

To add a title to coLinux console, needs to change directly in the user
land console programs on host side.

Henry N.

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