Hi everyone,
I'm fairly new to this endeavour so please forgive me for any ignorance.
As I'm sure you are aware colinux provides huge potential for providing an easily transferrable development environment for any team, and I have been set with the task of investigating colinux as an option.
I have successfully installed it and run it using the fedora image included with it but i am still stuck on two issues.
First of all, the development board i am working on uses a kernel 2.4 system and will be for the foreseeable future, and so i require to be able to cross-compile the toolchain for its linux dist. Does anybody have any suggestions as the best way to achieve this?
Secondly I am struggling to set up any form of network sharing to be able to transfer any data from the host OS to colinux and vice-versa - I have read through various FAQ and tutorials and have unfortunately found them more confusing than helpful. Can anybody outline the most simple and effective means of setting up a shared drive (or simply getting the network configuration to the stage where one can be set up), starting from the .bat file included with the fedora image (i choose fedora as it is the linux dist of choice for the development team).
Many thanks in advance for any help/suggestions that people may provide,
Best Regards,
Antony Barton

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