I gave it 64mb memory which is very small, I tested it in the 20060108 snapshot and it worked, maybe it work with colinux 0.7.1 but not 0.6.3

From:  Henry Nestler <Henry.Ne@Arcor.de>
To:  angel chen <angelchen9999@hotmail.com>
CC:  Cooperative Linux Development <colinux-devel@lists.sourceforge.net>,colinux-users@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject:  Re: [coLinux-users] colinux 0.63 rc4 is even more unstable than the snapshots
Date:  Thu, 26 Jan 2006 00:06:33 +0100
>angel chen wrote:
>>I got this error in the debug message, do u know how to fix it?
>><log  module="colinux-driver" file="colinux/kernel/monitor.c"
>>timestamp="00000002.1191734282" local_index="298" facility="0"
>>function="co_terminate" line="458" level="10" driver_index="715">
>><string>mm/rmap.c(482): Kernel BUG 0
>Please say, how real memory have you installed in your system?
>What is the size of swapfile?
>Please send us your XML config.
>What is the latest 0.7.x version, where you can run?
>If you have more as 384MB configured for coLinux, then would
>interesting, if the bug terminates also with less memory, for sample
>256MB for coLinux.  This would help some developers.  We have not
>enough memory installed for testing big memory.
>PS: Thread is started in users ML
>Henry Nestler
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