2010/7/1 Henry Nestler <henry.ne@arcor.de>
 On 29.06.2010 06:05, Haitao Liu wrote:
I have upgraded from colinux 7.5 to 7.7 and the last snapshot in the devel branch, but I found 7.7 and the last snapshot have not support NFS export on cofs.

What is the way to use it?

Kernel API was changed, so kernel NFS is no longer working.
See Linux kernel git dbd561d236ff16f8143bc727d91758ddd190e8cb. The patch "fuse: add export operations" from Miklos Szeredi needs to port from fuse into cofusefs (cofs for coLinux).

Details can see here:

It's not simple. coLinux has not "nodeid". There needs some more to do before the patch from "fuse" can use.

I think, the only alternate is the user space nfs server.

Henry N.

Thanks Henry,

I have done with unfs3. It works for me.