I have an urgent requirement to compile/run coLinux on Fedora 12 and mac OS 10.6 due to a vendor shipping an integrated development environment based on a coLinux image.

I started with the Fedora 12 compile.....but am running into a few issues, would be very grateful for any pointers.

[bruce@core colinux]$
[bruce@core colinux]$ pwd
[bruce@core colinux]$ ls -l
total 1036
-rw-rw-r-- 1 bruce bruce 1060419 2011-01-16 10:53 coLinux-0.7.8-src.tar.gz
[bruce@core colinux]$
[bruce@core colinux]$ tar -zxf coLinux-0.7.8-src.tar.gz
[bruce@core colinux]$
[bruce@core colinux]$ cd coLinux-0.7.8
[bruce@core coLinux-0.7.8]$
[bruce@core coLinux-0.7.8]$ ./configure --target=i686-pc-linux
Setting colinux_os=linux
Setting prefix=/home/bruce/Downloads/colinux/linux
Setting downloaddir=/home/bruce/Downloads/colinux/download
Setting hostkerneldir=/lib/modules/
Checking wget ... found
Checking Python interpreter ... (2.6.2) found
Checking patch ... found
Checking make ... found
Checking bunzip2 ... found
Checking gcc for kernel ... (4.4.4) found
Checking gcc g++ ... (4.4.4) found
Checking FLTK devel (patched) ... (1.1.10) found
nm: '/usr/lib64/libfltk.a': No such file
  /usr/lib64/libfltk.a: label fl_x_global_event_hook not found
  Please set right path to a patched FLTK
Create bin/user-build.cfg
Configure DONE

Ready for "make download && make && make package && make installer"
Run "make help" for more instructions, and read doc/building.

[bruce@core coLinux-0.7.8]$
[bruce@core coLinux-0.7.8]$ make download
make: *** No rule to make target `download'.  Stop.
[bruce@core coLinux-0.7.8]$
[bruce@core coLinux-0.7.8]$ make

I can't get the "make download" to work....is this because there is an error on FLTK

[bruce@core coLinux-0.7.8]$ rpm -qa | grep -i fltk
[bruce@core coLinux-0.7.8]$

When I run the make....it fails with: 
/coLinux-0.7.8/src/colinux/common/common.h:28:31: error: linux/cooperative.h: No such file or directory