Hi Henry,
I removed CoLinux 0.6.2 and installed 0.6.3rc3 from your site. When I start CoLinux my windows XP crashed. I tried two times and I got the same result.

2006/1/19, Henry Nestler <Henry.Ne@arcor.de>:
Hello River,

River wrote:
> I want boot native SUSE Linux with colinux  0.6.2 but I failed. The
> following is my configuration,
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
> <colinux>
>     <block_device index="0" path="\Device\Harddisk0\Partition3"
>     enabled="true" alias=sda3 />
>     <block_device index="1" path="\Device\Harddisk0\Partition2"
>     enabled="true" alias=sda2 />
>     <bootparams>root=/dev/sda3 3 fastboot nogui</bootparams>
>     <initrd path="initrd.gz" />
>     <image path="vmlinux" />
>     <memory size="256" />
>     <network index="0" type="tap" />
> </colinux>
> I don't know what is wrong.

What does fail? What is the output text?

I'm not shure, but xml syntax says, use quotation marks for arguments.
For sample

Partion numbers under windows are note the same as the numbers for sda.
Please use the tool "dd --list" to get th right partions, see


Version 0.6.2 will crash on some SuSU scripts (hardware detection with
/dev/mem).  Please update to 0.6.3-rc berore you have such problems.

Henry Nestler