Thanks, display part works for me now, the mouse part (in my patch) is not right , have to look into later.

On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 5:17 PM, Henry Nestler <> wrote:
yin sun wrote:
I am attempting to use cofb and new cocon in 0.8 colinux, so far only the console works. Does anyone know/recall how to use the cofb? Such as the example xorg.conf file, what exact xfbdev drive I should use?
Have no Xconfig for standard Xservers. cofb runs only with non accelerated "FBdev" Xserver, and servers, that don't try to access hardware directly (see mail fom Nuno [1]).
The only I know and tested, is Xfbdev from Kdrive. Xfbdev [2] has no config file, only parameters, see [3]. A ready to use binary exist on [4].


Henry N.