Thanks for the answer, I got it woking using slirp.... That was WAY easier then trying to use then the other way.
Thanks again,

On 5/29/06, Michael Livshin <> wrote:
"Mike MacRae" <>

> When I start the service for colinux it starts up fine.
> When I start up colinux I can browse from linux but not from windows.
> I have tried it both with and without bridging the adapter but I am not
> certain what else I should do.

if you don't need your coLinux instance to be visible on the outer
network, consider forgetting about the whole TAP thing and using Slirp

Slirp should really be metioned as the _first_ choice in the README
and on the Wiki, IMHO, what with all the wonderfully intractable
networking-related shit people tend to have on their Windows machines
these days (especially corporate laptops.  argh).


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