On 8/20/07, Henry Nestler <Henry.Ne@arcor.de > wrote:
Dave Coventry wrote:
> Most of the time it works fine.
> Then, suddenly, I will go to use portage (I've got the gentoo
> installation), and it will be unable to find the servers.
> lynx will also not be able to access the net.
> If I do as Sam Moffat suggests, which is delete my XP lan connection and
> reboot XP, windows rebuilds my Lan connection and my colinux
> installation can access the Internet again. Which seems to suggest that
> the problem is from the windows side.
> It's not really a big deal, but it is a bit of a pain.

Removing and adding TAP for SLiRP is a very big pain. Because SLiRP
works as normal winsock application. A normal windows logout or Reboot
should go with slirp again. But normalny a new start of coLinux should
be enough.

Well, I find that it requires the drastic method that I described before it will reconnect. Rebooting windows doesn't do it.

In error case: Can you access to the internet from other windows
applications, for example IE o other browsers?

Yes,  windows applications are not affected.

If this case exist in the next time, then please do some protocols from
this state (before changing TAP):
- is the colinux-slirp-net-daemon.exe running? (check with taskman)
- is the ethernet card online and have a gateway? Check with
"ipconfig.exe /all" and compair with a working session before.

Will do.

An other question: Have you some specials on the networking installed:
- ICS?

No. There is the LAN connection, a 1394 connection and a wireless adapter.

- Special dial software for DSL or modem?

No, I use a network connection with the ADSL modem as a DHCP server.

- Have your network card a dynamic address?

Yes. In South Africa the Monopoly Telkom Company charges tenfold for static IP addresses. Therefore, they do not like their customers to have an IP address for too long and will force a reallocation.

   Is your gateway and DNS changed from time to time?

Yes, I think so.

   (Other mode would be an permanently address from local router.)
- Firewall with idle timeout (for example ZoneAlarm does)


I ask, because I every day use slirp for internet and tap for putty, and
have long times no problems. And I'm hopping between different DHCP
environments with my laptop.

Dave Coventry