>What coLinux version you are using?
Cooperative Linux Daemon, 0.8.0
Compiled on Wed Apr 25 22:19:16 2007

On 8/20/07, Henry Nestler < Henry.Ne@arcor.de> wrote:
Dave Coventry wrote:
> Sam,
> Did you ever find out why XP stops allowing the Slirp connection from
> Colinux?
> I keep finding I cannot connect, although removing the XP Local
> connection does seem to cure it for a while, it's a pain to have to keep
> doing this. Also, it seems to increment the name of the local connection
> ("Local Area Connection 16").

SLiRP should no hang on the TAP device. Under some situations the SLiRP
hangs on the TAP instaed the real Ethernet for outgoing connections. For
example, if you have no real Ethernet connection and the TAP device is
"connected" before the slirp daemon starts.
The 0.6.4 has an 10 sec timeout to re-connect over the current XP
connection. So, should help to unplug the network cable (or "disable" in
the network overview), wait 10 seconds and connect the cable (or
"enable" the Ethernet card). Slirp should than read the current
connection again and use the right DNS. As workarrount, you can add an
other DNS behind the in your resolve.conf
The problem of old code: Slirp use the first connection, that is
connected. This can also be the TAP device, and this would bad here.

This all should solved in current coLinux versions (0.7.1 and 0.8.0
Snapshots). There coLinux don't cache the DNS and don't bind on one of
the network cards directly.

What coLinux version you are using?

PS: Slirp can't ping to the world, you can only test it with "wget ...".
Slirp have no IMCP protocol, read more here: