Aguspiza wrote:
I have seen that you are working on kernel 2.6.33-rc8, I was going to test it but your warning about data corruption scares me.


I have read that udev is working on colinux kernel 2.6.33-rc8 and I would like to make the jump, do you think it is ready?

The text about filesystem corruption was from early beginning with crashing kernel - depend on the problem of host memory mapping. The memory problem is fixed with a slow alternate. All memory allocations are much slower not, for example on spawning new task.

It's ready for beta testers. I have no crashes and no BSOD since 2.6.33-rc6 one month ago. I have short tested all basic functions, but have no long time tests. I don't know how it works in different environments. If more people would test it and report good state, I would feel me better.
Henry N.