Henry Nestler wrote:
aguspiza wrote:
I have been testing new colinux development kernel 2.6.26 with ext4 support with colinux devel branch (0.8.0). 
It seems to work ok if mounted read-only. But CONFIG_LSF kernel option is needed to mount partitions read-write, which seems not checked.
Could you check it for next devel release please?


Done. See http://www.colinux.org/snapshots/
I don't understand why you need support for files with 2TB and more to mount partition read/write. Hope, that helps.

Sorry, last build (20100228) was with old config, and LSF was not enabled.
New build is done.

debian:~# dmesg | head -n1
Linux version (hn@hn-dt) (gcc version 4.4.1 [gcc-4_4-branch revision 150839] (SUSE Linux) ) #1 PREEMPT Tue Mar 2 22:16:38 UTC 2010

debian:~# zgrep "LSF" /proc/config.gz

Remember, that initrd does not update modules. You must update modules manually!

   rm -rf /lib/modules/
   tar -xzf /mnt/windows/modules- -C /

Henry N.