Hi All,
I wanted colinux to access real ReiserFS partition on my hard disk.
When I run colinux with cobd0=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition1 then hdparm -t /dev/cobd0 says that the speed is about 5.9MB/sec.
However when I run colinux with cobd0=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition0 then hdparm -t /dev/cobd0 says that the speed is about 19.3MB/sec.
In both cases the CPU is busy for 60-80% when something is been reading from the /dev/cobd0. Just in case: the partition is NTFS( temporarily ) and covers the whole disk. The normal speed ( measured with hdparm -t under cygwin ) for that disk is about 57MB/sec.
As far as I understand I can't pass the whole disk as cobdX and mount some partition from that disk later. Is there any way to access some partition with the same ( or better :-) ) speed as for the whole disk ? Any Ideas ?