Hello Leon,

is non spectacular. It's simple a text console:

Paolo has improved the key bindings and added mouse copy and paste.
Because this console uses SDL, it is also usable for graphic later.


Leon Soderlund wrote:

Can anyone post some screenshots ? (i'm on vacation and wanna see :D)


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Hello Paolo,

Paolo Minazzi wrote:
Hi colinux users,
I have published a first version of my colinux console on


Use it quietly, I have compiled it with mingw under vmware. It cannot 
have viruses.

I can easily add other font. This one is the version with 8x14 pixel 
for each char.
The console size if 80x25 chars.

I have tried it enough and it is possible use it without problems.
I have used it at work ( I develop on an ARM linux system) and I use 
colinux to cross compiling.
I have tested the console on 0.7.3 stable version.

* Copy and Paste
   It is possible using the mouse. Double click select and copy a word.
   Selecting copy the text in the clipboard
   Right button do paste.

* How try it
   The easiset way is to rename the old colinux-console-nt.exe and 
copy the new one.
   An other way can be detach the old colinux-console-nt.exe with
ALT+WIN and run my version.
The only thing I have to remind is to avoid paste-ing of large block 
od fata because it can block the colinux machine.

As soon as it is very very stable, I will send source to Henry.

Any suggestion is welcome.


have quick tested, and impressed from your copy&paste :-) A nice icon you

Can you make the cursor flashing slower, think 1/4 from current frequency.
Best would be disable  flashing, if the Window is not active.

I have used your suggestion by copy your console over the other one, and it
was launched from colinux-daemon without problems.

Henry N.