Henry -

capturing dmesg from knoppix will have to wait a bit ... I didn't realize the distro had moved from CD to DVD, hence the download is taking a bit longer.

- Jonathan

Henry Nestler wrote:
Jonathan Deitch wrote:
 I'll run these tests tonight ...

However - and this is the puzzling part - when the system goes into the
slow-mode, there is no abnormal CPU load.  Yep, that's right ... no high
CPU in either task manager, or top.

Both colinux and Vista are still usable - they're just very very slow
with a 4-5 second leg between any action and system response.

Than I have an idea: The cpu has a buggy or a special timer chip? I have
read some about buggy TSC, and Windows has shipped an update for such
chips in a service pack.

You says, the taskman shows na normal cpu load? Than the sytesm timer
was falling down into slow mode? Currently I don't know why coLinux
would reprogrammed the timer. Colinux does no change the timer
intervall. Not directly, but perhaps the new kernel has some hocks for
special cpu's? I will grep for it.

The mouse is slow. ok. What is with a keyboard resonse time, for example
in a notepad, or in a command prompt?

Please boot a knoppix, or from a distribution you have in a rescure mode
with text console. Somethere you can cat the native kernel boot messages
(dmesg) into a file and send me, please. I will grep for special
messages about your cpu. You also can send me the kernel messages from
coLinux-daemon.exe, as you can do it via mouse "copy all text" from
screen into clipboard and paste it into notepad. Or run
"colinux-daemon.exe ... > file.log"