Still no go.  I cannot get a dump from colinux; when I try and run the debug setup, the system goes blackscreen and reboots.  No bluescreen.

I tried completely disabling the page file, same behavior.

When the problem occurs, I do not see ANY runaway (or abnormal) cpu or memory usage.

Anyone got any other ideas?  I'm rapidly reaching the point where I'm going to be given no choice by my employer but to abandon colinux as vista incompatible and find another solution.

- Jonathan

Jason Alonso wrote:
On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 7:07 PM, Henry Nestler wrote:
Jonathan Deitch wrote:
However - and this is the puzzling part - when the system goes into the
slow-mode, there is no abnormal CPU load.  Yep, that's right ... no high
CPU in either task manager, or top.

Both colinux and Vista are still usable - they're just very very slow
with a 4-5 second leg between any action and system response.

Sounds familiar...

Than I have an idea: The cpu has a buggy or a special timer chip? I have
read some about buggy TSC, and Windows has shipped an update for such
chips in a service pack.

How about an alternative theory?  Is your page file usage changing?
If so, you can configure your taskman process list to show you memory
usage and/or VM size.  If something spirals out of control (and it
will take a little while to do so), your system will start swapping
memory with disk until it's painfully slow.  coLinux, however, should
not be torturing you with memory leaks.

It's not as esoteric a theory as buggy system timer handling, but it's
a simple test.


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