Brian Dessent wrote:
Juergen Hennerich wrote:

AFAIK these tools have all the same problem, as they don't/can't support case sensitive file access under Windows. They have therefore the same problems as cygwin.

If that is the issue then use Cygwin's managed mounts.  AFAIK people
have been cross-compiling linux kernels in Cygwin using this feature for
years, so I don't know what OP is talking about.


    I have been looking for information regarding cross-compiling linux kernels from cygwin. Thus far everything I have found says:

             1). Don't - it is not worth the agrevation.
             2). No one who has tried has succeeded.
             3). The demands of the Linux Kernel Build system exceed the capabilities of cygwin - file name case issues just being one of many problems.

    I am NOT trying to claim to know this. I personally love working under coLinux and have never been happy working on cygwin,
    But if I could cross-compile a Linux kernel under cygwin I have a client I could make very happy.

    If you have any references, links etc. regarding anyone who has successfully cross compiled Linux kernels on windows - using anything except colinux - or maybe QEMU, or something like that
    please, please provide them.

    I can't even succcessfully build cross tools under cywin (obviously others have succeeded at that).


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