I am making heavy use of colinux as a tool for embedded systems development.

    But I am dealing with clients/co-workers that feel a compelling need to live on the Windows/NTFS side of things.
    I have been asked to look at trying to fix cygwin so that it can compile Linux kernels - rather than build them under colinux,
    specifically because that eliminates the need to work on a different file system inaccessible to windows.

    I noticed recently that the linux-ntfs project has finally released a beta version of a new NTFS driver that has support for everything needed to
    host Linux on NTFS.

    Initially I thought that might be relevant to hosting colinux on NTFS - gaining the ability to run Linux and windows concurrently on an NTFS partition.
    but the ntfs-3g driver is a block driver and concurrent block access to the same disk would probably scramble the disk.

    But after thinking further is there a particular reason that cofs can not support a linux root file system ?

    Has there been any thought to this ? has anyone tried it ?

    I am not familiar with the cofs innards but NTFS does support all the critical features needed by Linux.


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