Mr. Krull:

I am using colinux version 0.6.4. It is not being used as a Windows internet router. The ip123.456.789.01  is fictitious so as not to give out my real ip address.

These are the network config lines taken from my config.xml file:
    <network index="0" type="tap" name="colinux" />
    <network index="1" type="bridged" name="ethernet" />

Thanks for you assistance.


Holger Krull wrote:
Merrick Berg schrieb:
Occasionally when colinux is operating my Windows network connection
drops out. Interestingly enough my colinux internet connection still
works. My Windows network can only be restored by shutting down colinux.


How is your colinux config?
Which version of colinux is running?
Are you using colinux as a internet router for windows?