I'm also experiencing those 'disconnects' with the
recent 0.6.3-pre13.

I'm trying to 'scp' a 1.2GB file from a Linux Host
to the colinux-box running under Win2k.

After about 500 - 800 MB the network connection
suddenly stalls and does not get up again before
I restart the whole colinux-services.

It is as if the 'virtual' network cable was pulled
out, no packets go in, no ones go out...

Best regards,

Hoefler, Andreas wrote:
[coLinux-devel] Network connectivity issues appearing after some uptime


I've already scanned through the archives but was unable
to find a similar problem description anywhere.

I have a quite small coLinux running on several boxes,
which handle distributed compile jobs.

After some uptime almost all disappear from the distributed
compile list as if they were turned off.

But I can enter each coLinux locally and confirm that it's
still up and running.
Nevertheless even from inside the coLinuxes it is impossible
to get any network activity to the outside, no pinging no
dns nothing anymore.

I don't know if this is a problem of WinPCap or coLinux so
I'm just asking if anyone ever has encountered a similar

All boxes are using bridged networking with distinct MAC-
and IP-address.

Thanks in advance,

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