What version?

I have used the old 0.6.2 and currently using the newer snapshots with WinPCAP bridging. I did use the XML configuration file at one time. Now I'm passing the config parameters via commandline exclusively. I have not encountered this problem.

BR, mela.

On 10/18/05, Jun Li <ollyli@gmail.com> wrote:
No one is using PCAP to bridge the network anymore? It does not work at all.
The problem is that the daemon uses "-i" parameter to start the bridged-daemon while the bridged-daemon is expecting "-c". I did not want to compile the whole thing so I had to hack the colinux-daemon.exe to make it work.
BTW. Is there any plan of make colinux support ADM64? I mean run the 64bit code instead of generic x86 code.