Thanks!  It sounds like that might put me on the right track.


On 6/21/05, George P Boutwell <> wrote:
On 6/21/05, Sam Moffatt <> wrote:
> To use openMosix requires a kernel recompile. You would have to apply
> the requisite patches to the already modified coLinux kernel to allow
> coLinux to interface and then compile in Windows. This is different to
> compiling a normal kernel and patching for openMosix support as the
> coLinux kernel has already been modified.
> You would be better off with a fully blown Linux system. By the way,
> you won't be able to use coLinux to distribute Windows processes
> either, in case thats what you actually had in mind, but you appear
> not to.

To add to what Sam has already said.  It's been done, there's an
article on IBM's Developer Works web-site about this very subject, it
involves an older version of coLinux as OpenMosix is still on 2.4
kernel, while coLinux is on 2.6 kernel.  It has some more details
about other options of running OpenMosix cluster nodes, etc on Windows
and information about bottle necks of doing so and a few links to
projects, pages, and people doing exactly that.  In all, it'd be worth
your digging around IBM's Developer Works site to find the article.
I'm sorry but I don't have an URL myself.