I'm fairly sure that I need to be able to access Windows processes.  The purpose of my project is to allow my friend using a Windows machine to hand off some of the workload from his PC.  He uses Adobe Premiere, and while he's a big fan of Open Source apps, he hasn't found any that can replace Premiere for his uses.  Thus, switching wholesale to Linux isn't an option.  Ultimately, what I need is some way for his Windows XP box to access a Linux cluster.

On 6/21/05, Sam Moffatt <pasamio@gmail.com > wrote:
To use openMosix requires a kernel recompile. You would have to apply
the requisite patches to the already modified coLinux kernel to allow
coLinux to interface and then compile in Windows. This is different to
compiling a normal kernel and patching for openMosix support as the
coLinux kernel has already been modified.

You would be better off with a fully blown Linux system. By the way,
you won't be able to use coLinux to distribute Windows processes
either, in case thats what you actually had in mind, but you appear
not to.


On 6/21/05, M Middleton < middleton.m@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'd like opinions on whether or not an idea of mine is feasable.
>  My friend does a lot of video editing, and while he's a huge fan of
> open-source apps, he's found the video stuff less than appealing thus far.
> The problem is, his machine isn't exactly a powerhouse, and the work he does
> is fairly complex (he's a film student).  So, I'd like to use colinux on his
> machine, running OpenMosix, so that he can connect to a cluster I'm thinking
> of building with some older machines.  He is currently running XP Pro on his
> desktop, and I was thinking either native colinux or maybe SuSE.
>  So, am I completely insane for thinking this might work?
>  Thanks!
>  Matt