Dear all, following George P Boutwell advice about colinux kernel recompiling I found a "gotcha" I was not aware of, gcc version has to be <=3.3.x
I'm using gentoo on colinux, with gcc 3.4, same version as the production servers.
So I'm wandering what's "the right thing"(tm) to do:
1) - recompile the whole colinux daemon for win32 with gcc 3.4 (and a mingw toolchain) then recompile the colinux kernel with gcc 3.4
2) - simply install a gcc 3.3 on the gentoo colinux then recompile the colinux kernel
As a matter of fact I'd like to know if someone has some experience on 1), if it is feasible and stable (do not know if there are some caveats)