yes, that is done by default. affinity for colinux is set to cpu0, I checked it.

I tried the
COLINUX_NO_SMP_WORKAROUND=Y as well, but it doesn't seem to even enable
the SMP support. Had no impact on cpu usage either.

Holger Krull <> wrote:
Sunil schrieb:
> my cpu is dual core. Do you mean I should run single cpu mode?

I would try that to find out if this is the reason for the weird display.
At least fix colinux to one cpu as a test in the taskmanager.

> >
> > I have re-emerged procps and gkrellm, and still the same.
> >
> > Anybody got any idea?
> Do you have hyperthreading enabled? If so, switch it off to see if
> it makes a difference.

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