I hope my feedback will help. I’m using colinux 0.6.0 with the provided debian image.

I use the default kernel provided with colinux.

My config is Pentium 3.0C HT on windows xp pro SP1.


I encounter the same random “crash” at boot time (and sometime on linux shutdown).

colinux daemon does not answer anymore, and a few seconds later, windows freezes (In fact not exactly, I can move the mouse but can do no action, the keyboard does not answer anymore (num lock key has no action, the led remains on), and if I keep pressing keys, my motherboard starts beeping on each key press.


When the problem occurs, the colinux daemon says: (I can’t remember but it is network related).

and the linux console says : syslog starting.


Another precision: even when colinux doesn’t crash, this step takes a lot of time to execute.


The crash seems to be network related, as I had no crash before configuring the network.

But I’m sure this is not a TAP-Win32 problem because I simply do not use it. I even desinstalled the tap driver. I use a winpcap bridge instead.


I cannot send any log or crash dump because when the problem occurs, windows crash immediately…


Last, when colinux boot succeeds, I can use colinux during hours with no problem…

Could you please make a release that binds the the 1st processor until the SMP problem is resolved ? Because the multiple crashs make me loose some data, and I will not use colinux anymore until this problem is solved…