I don’t know anything about a linux host, but on x64 windows, x86 programs running in ring 3 are fully supported. Accordint to Microsoft documentation, if an x86 application depends on some device driver, then only the device driver needs to be replaced with an x64 version. I believe that if linux.sys were ported to x64, then the current x86 version of the CoLinux executables would run unmodified.




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while i'm not positive i belive a full 64 bit colinux would be much easier than a i386 linux kernel running on a x64 windows system.

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I was wondering if anyone is considering an x64 version of linux.sys. it seems to me that CoLinux could benefit greatly from running on an x64 box as this should allow you to give the CoLinux process a lot more memory. To be clear, I’m not talking about porting the whole colinux package to x64 or supporting an x64 linux kernel inside of colinux, just an x64 version of linux.sys that would allow the current 32 bit version of colinux to run on an x64 box.


Any thoughts?