Just read the file, "NEWS.txt", and found a line under the section, "Console and daemons", of "Version 0.7.2", stating, "Stop with error, if double defined device (cobd,cofs,eth,exec)" ... but I think it would be better if the so-called "double defined" can be tolerated as a feature in a config file, dont you?
On most of the boxes running coLinux/Linux here in this lab, two or more admins might modify the same config file; but they all keep the original one intact as the default backup, while adding their individual sections as if the parameter(s) "double defined" ... why ? at least, it is easy to read both the default and the modified parameter(s), and even easier to port some similar modifications with a single "diff -urN"; meanwhile, as a one-way modification, in some circumstances, it is easy to automatically update config file using patch algorithm.
I wonder if it is acceptable to just warn about "double defined" rather than "Stop with error", and to be compatible with most of the script style config file, latter definition overrides any former one.

Shyokou Ouyou <shyokou@gmail.com>