I have got the latest colinux snapshot, Ubuntu jaunty up to date, network connection with pcap and tap device (both 100Mbs), and bought a license to XMIng.

And all is working fine... except:

Opening a window to a new program (evolution, gedit) is incredibly slow. It can take like 10 seconds. However, starting xclock, no problem within a second.

Now, I can wait for an app to start, but with evolution switching from mail to organizer to adres book is just as slow.

Strangely: during the slowness the CPU load on the host is low, the CPU load on the pubuntu is low, there is very little network traffic.

And my Ubuntu clock nicely ticks away the seconds on screen, so clock, connection are all working fine.

What the ... is colinux doing during this long pause? Or is there a problem in my configuration?

All help welcome,